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Old Number 67

Posted: Jul 22 2021
We made this road trip in June. The weather was beautiful. It is a loop from Williston, North Dakota to Ray on Highway 2, then home on 119th Ave NW. We checked out some larger-than-life artwork, we discovered a new way to eat potatoes and we explored a beautifully curated local museum. We hope you will follow in our footsteps and get a few photos with Old Number 67, yourself.

Below, you will find the itinerary, some additional info you won't find in the video, plus the photo opp GPS coordinates. Be sure to check out the photo gallery for a few more photos, the story of the giant hamburger truck and more.
We spent about 5 hours on this field trip, as follows:

A little over an hour of drive time
A little less than an hour at the Opera House
An hour for lunch
A half hour at the park
A half hour at the bakery
A combined 40-50 min at the photo opp spots


25 miles: Williston, ND to Ray, ND

8 miles: Ray, ND to Giant Burger Truck near Wheelock, ND

27 miles: Giant Burger Truck to Williston, ND

A thresher is a piece of farm equipment that removes grain from its stalks and husks by beating the plant to make the seeds (grain) fall out. This piece of equipment was eventually replaced by the combine harvester, or combine. 
NOTE: this photo spot is on top of hill with a short dirt road. Don't attempt this road in a vehicle if it is very wet or muddy. Pull all the way off the road onto the approach and walk up to check out Old 67.

This county museum is staffed 100% by volunteers! Call ahead to make an appointment or verify the hours.

Mattie B's is located in the Ray Mall, which can be seen from the highway. If you want to use your GPS, the address is 24 Railroad Ave in Ray, ND. 
Check their FB page for lunch specials.

If you need a green space break, check out the park in Ray across from the post office! The large hedge in the middle had little kid sized tunnels through the branches and child would love. The address of the post office is 6 Main St in Ray, ND.

Pour Some Sugar is a great bakery stop in the morning for a donut, if you plan your field trip on the early side. Or if you visit in the afteroon like we did, grab a Snow Storm or ice cream cone for the ride back home. The address is 24 Railroad Ave in Ray, ND. Pick up a loaf of fresh bread while you are there. See their soup and other specials on their Facebook page.

We took a different road home. We like to see something new on the way back, if we can make it work. This road has some rough spots but it goes through some pretty hilly country as you get closer to Lake Sakakawea, and there is a second photo stop on the way! Be sure to check out the extra photos and story about the Giant Hamburger Truck for some great background information. This stop is on the south end of Wheelock. You can see it from the road off to your left as you approach if you stay on 119th Ave NW instead of detouring through Wheelock.
If you are lucky, you will visit on a day with a dramatic sky, like we did. The owners are fine with people stopping and taking photos with the truck, as long as they are respectful of the artwork and don't climb on it or touch it.

We want to see photos from your own Half Tank Trip to Old 67, Ray Opera House and the Giant Burger Truck! We love what makes this area unique and beautiful and quirky, and we enjoy celebrating it. Tag your field trip photos #HalfTankTrips and send us your ideas for what makes your area special to Visit Williston on Facebook or Instagram, or via our website. We will announce periodic prize drawings (and how to win) for people who are out exploring and want to participate!

Want more history? You will enjoy first-hand memories from early Ray resident E. J. Knudson and learning about one of the first Ray settlers, Bruno Weyrauch, and how his son and nephew made a pact to chop each other's fingers off.

Check out a few more photos from our trip!
The view from the hill at Old Number 67
The view from the hill at Old Number 67
History of the telephone in Ray, ND
History of the telephone in Ray, ND
The opera house is home to a variety of publications and displays from the early Ray days.
The opera house is home to a variety of publications and displays from the early Ray days.