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The Spring Lake Park Holiday Lights Drive would not be possible without volunteer power! Every night, a local non-profit organization works the gate and benefits from half the gate proceeds for that night. Some nights there are a lot of cars. Some nights there aren't. But it is a fun way to get out of the house and serve your community.

Opening Night of the 18th Annual Spring Lake Park Holiday Lights Drive is Saturday, November 30! The Holiday Lights Drive has grown significantly over the years, and each year brings improvements and new displays. Last season, there were over 60 lighted displays, including five animated to music, 13 Family Activity Nights and 4 Adult Activity Nights.

The Lights Drive is a fundraising opportunity for local non-profit organizations. Non-profit groups working the gate at the Lights Drive receive 50% of their night’s proceeds. If your group is interested in working the gate, please fill out this online application form (below) ON OR BEFORE OCTOBER 31. Incomplete forms can not be accepted. Please review what you will need to complete the form prior to submitting it (such as your organization's EIN).

On November 4, the Convention & Visitors Bureau will hold a drawing from the collected applications to select non-profit groups to work any open gate nights at the Holiday Lights Drive. The first name drawn will be immediately contacted with the date(s) they were drawn for. Non-profit groups will have 24 hours to confirm they accept the nights they were drawn for, or forfeit the nights to another non-profit group to be randomly drawn from the application pool. A non-profit group that forfeits the nights they are drawn for will have their application returned to the drawing pool for another chance. A non-profit group may work a TOTAL of two nights.   

If you have questions regarding the selection process for Holiday Lights Drive gate workers, please contact the CVB at 701-774-9041.
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